The Witch Hazel plant, Hamamelis Virginiana Linné, is found growing in its highest density throughout the wilderness of greater New England, home to T.N. Dickinson’s and all Dickinson Brands products. Since all of our harvests are wild crop certified our managing harvesters take great care in assuring that harvest areas are carefully selected, documented and approved according to National Organic Program (NOP) regulations prior to use.

After approval, the sites are harvested in accordance with State Forestry Regulations, ensuring the protection of the environment and the regeneration of the Witch Hazel plant. It is our policy to monitor compliance with these regulations so that our harvests will act to promote and sustain the growth and successful proliferation of the species while contributing to the overall health of the forest.

There is little waste from the production of our products.

Most of our harvests begin in late autumn after the leaves have fallen and continue throughout the winter and early spring while the plants are dormant. During this time the ground is mostly frozen, allowing our approved harvesters access to the crop with minimal potential for adverse environmental impact. The Witch Hazel plants are then harvested and delivered to our facility for processing.

Upon arrival, we screen, clean and transfer the raw Witch Hazel material to storage silos where it is further conditioned prior to distillation. This conditioning ensures maximum and uniform extraction during the distillation process. Every day our sophisticated, fully automated system processes and extracts the therapeutic organic constituents of the plant material to produce the finished product with the utmost efficiency, quality and care.

We take great pride in the fact that there is little waste from the production of our products. Our process utilizes all of the plant material we harvest to produce various Witch Hazel products. We then recycle the processed material into natural, biodegradable landscaping mulch.