Dickinson Brands has set new standards by marketing a pure, all-natural product containing no chemical additives or denatured alcohols. T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel is produced using proprietary, computer controlled extraction and processing equipment that is fully automated and ensures a consistent product of the highest quality – without the use of non-natural processing agents.

Our commitment to quality starts with the land. We have over 33,000 acres of harvest lands that are carefully selected to ensure that the plants are not exposed to any human contamination. This selection process culminates in a week long inspection and approval by a USDA approved organic inspection agency for compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP). Witch Hazel is collected from these approved lands according to strict protocols designed to maintain the Certified Organic Wild Crop status of the harvest. It is then delivered to our processing plant where it is held until our quality control inspectors test and approve the plant material. Approved plant material is then further screened and refined before storage. This purified plant material is then stored in environmentally controlled ceramic lined silos. When needed the plant material is moved to our extractors via an automated delivery system. This is a closed system to eliminate any possible contamination of the purified plant material.

Our Witch Hazel is crafted in small batches that are then combined. This dramatically increases the quality level because we test each of the small batches and then test the final combined lot. By the time a finished lot reaches a consumer it has had over 100 tests done on it.

Triple Filtration

Our Witch Hazel Extracts are circulated through our preliminary filtration process and are analyzed for quality and purity. They are then circulated through a secondary filtration process and their integrity and safety is tested once more. The finished Witch Hazel product is passed through a final filtration process as it is transferred to the bottle.